NEHA Members: Proposed Amendment to NEHA Constitution

We invite all NEHA members to consider this proposed amendment to the constitution, which will be voted on at the April 18, 2015 meeting at Worcester State.

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Proposal for the Revision of Article VI of the NEHA Constitution

This section of the constitution has not been revised for over forty years. In the past, the vagueness of the current language has occasionally led to disagreements between the Nominating Committee members and the members of the Executive Committee. It has also impeded the process of finding qualified candidates. This revision also accounts for digital means of communication. Finally, the revision seeks to avoid potential conflicts of interest.

Current text:
VI. Nomination and Election.
(Previously amended: 8 March 1969 and 14 April 1973)

A Nomination Committee of six shall be elected by the Association for three-year terms. It shall be the duty of the Committee to solicit nominees and to report a slate to the President in sufficient time to be included in the call for the annual meeting.

Proposed text:
VI. Nomination and Election

A Nominating Committee of six members shall be elected by the Association for three-year terms. Members of the Nominating Committee must have been members of the association for the preceding three years. The three-year terms should be staggered so that every two years, two seats on the Nominating Committee are open for election. Members of the Nominating Committee may not stand as candidates for election to other offices in the Association while they serve on the committee. Should members of the Nominating Committee chose to run for any other office in the Association, they must resign from the Nominating Committee upon becoming candidates.

Of the members elected to the Nominating Committee, the Executive Committee shall appoint a chair of the Nominating Committee for a term of two years.

It shall be the duty of the Committee to solicit nominees and to report a slate to the President, who will in turn inform the Executive Committee at its meeting before the elections (usually the winter meeting of the Executive Committee). To ensure the most highly qualified members run for office, the Executive Committee may exercise veto power over individual candidates for the office of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Executive Secretary. In case of such a veto, the Chair of the Nominating Committee and the President together will select another candidate for approval by the Executive Committee.

The finalized slate of candidates for all open seats shall be posted prominently on the NEHA website no later than two months before the elections. The posting shall offer members the opportunity to vote in absentia in a form determined by the Executive Committee. Such ballots must be dispatched no later than one month before the election and should be sent to the Executive Secretary.

In-person voting shall take place at the site of the spring or annual conference.