Student Paper Prizes

Each year, NEHA awards a Graduate and Undergraduate prize to the best student paper delivered at a NEHA meeting. Panel chairs, commentators, and audience members are encouraged to be on the lookout for outstanding graduate and undergraduate student work and to nominate papers for the prize.

The next award will be for papers delivered in our 2023 meetings; send nominations to:

Dominic DeBrincat (Committee Chair) email:

Department of History and Geography
Missouri Western State University
4525 Downs Drive, Popplewell Hall 114E
St. Joseph, MO 64507

Recent Winners

2021: Timothy Hastings (Graduate student, Keene State College), for “Getting Away with Murder: Enslavement, Racialized Violence, and White Supremacy in Eighteenth-Century New Hampshire” (Fall 2021) and Allen Horn (undergraduate, Eastern Connecticut State University), for “Little Sorrel, Living Relic of the Lost Cause” (Spring 2021).

2020: An T. Nguyen (Ph.D. candidate, University of Maine), for “Peace Combatant: Mrs. Ngo Ba Thanh and the Quest for Vietnamese Independence and Women’s Liberation” (Spring 2019) and Mira D’Amato (undergraduate, University of New England), for “Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll: A Guide to San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District, 1958-1969” (Spring 2019)

2016: Allison Horrocks (University of Connecticut), for “‘Not Foreigners, But Friends’: The Global Politics of Home Economics in the Twentieth Century” (Spring 2015).