2010 Spring

April 2010 Meeting

Saturday, April 17, 2010

All events were held in Building One (#16), Central Campus, Salem State College. Click here for a campus map and parking information.

8:00 – 8:30 Registration and Welcome, Building One Lobby

MORNING SESSION I: 8:30 – 10:00

8:30 Session 1: Roundtable: “What Else Do We Teach When We Teach History?”
Room: CC111

Chair: Woden Teachout, Union Institute and University/Goddard College

Cheryl Boots, Boston University
Paula Emery, U32 Junior/Senior High School
Rebecca Noel, Plymouth State University
Denise Youngblood, University of Vermont

Comment: The Audience

8:30 Session 2: Perspectives on the World Wars
Room: CC112

Chair: Robert Smith, Worcester State College

Karen Goodno, Salem State College, “Vera Brittain: Knight of the First World War”
Charles Grimes, Salem State College, “Thirty Five Men, a Small City, and The Great War”
Melanie Murphy, Emmanuel College, “Is the Second World War Becoming More Like the First World War?”

Comment: Christopher Mauriello, Salem State College

8:30 Session 3: Chinese Education and Art
Room: CC113

Chair: Li Li, Salem State College

Lian Wang, Yangzhou University, “The Study of Chinese Painting History in the United States for the Twentieth Century”
Jie Yang, Henan University, “John Dewey’s Influence on Chinese Education”

Comment: Julien Farland, Middlesex Community College

8:30 Session 4: Politics of the 1960s and 1970s
Room: CC114

Chair: Andrew Darien, Salem State College

Hanna Clutterbuck, Simmons College, “Tiocfaidh ar la: Bobby Sands and Irish Republican Ideology”
Anna Cook, Simmons College, “How to Live? The Oregon Extension as a Communal Experiment in Living”
Jamie J. Wilson, Salem State College, “‘We are a multiracial people. We always were.’: Hatzaas Harishon, Black Jews, and Jewish Identity in New York City During the Civil Rights and Black Power Movements”

Comment: Andrew Darien, Salem State College

8:30 Session 5: Smallpox Inoculation in Revolutionary America: Doctors, Soldiers and American Innovation
Room: CC236

Chair: Sara S. Gronim, C. W. Post Campus, Long Island University

Ann M. Becker, SUNY Empire State College, “Smallpox, Inoculation, and the Continental Army”
Melissa Grafe, LeHigh University, “Building a Medical Practice: Smallpox, Inoculation, and Community, 1775-1783”
Andrew Wehrman, Northwestern University, “In These Infectious Times: The Popular Politics of Inoculation in Revolutionary America”

Comment: Sara S. Gronim, C. W. Post Campus, Long Island University

8:30 Session 6: Living and Working in Nineteenth-Century America

Room: CC244

Chair: Laura Prieto, Simmons College

Kimberly S. Alexander, Strawberry Banke Museum, “‘So Dreary an Aspect’: Myra Montgomery’s Haverhill Letters”
George Branigan, Stonehill College, and Alessia Di Censo, Stonehill College, “Bad Girls? Public Spaces, Private Faces”
Catherine Thompson, University of Connecticut, Storrs, “Economic Exchange, Medical Practice, and the Role of Physician’s Wives in Early America”

Comment: Nancy Schultz, Salem State College

8:30 Session 7: Race and Gender During the Era of the American Revolution
Room: CC237

Chair: Melanie Gustafson, University of Vermont

Sean Condon, Merrimack College, “Isaac Jackson’s Journey: Maryland Quakers and Slavery During the American Revolution”
Charlotte A. Haller, Worcester State College, “North Carolina Quakers and the Limits of Antislavery in the Early Republic”
Jillmarie Murphy, Union College, “Maternal Fathers, or the Power of Sympathy: Phillis Wheatley’s Poem ‘To His Excellency General Washington'”

Comment: Melanie Gustafson, University of Vermont


MORNING SESSION II: 10:30 – 12:00

10:30 Session 8: Landscapes and the Built Environment
Room: CC238

Chair: Steven Bedford, Hancock Shaker Village

Adam Krakowski, University of Vermont: “Stillness At Last: Preservation of the Built Environment at Sabbathday Lake”
Timothy Melia, University of New Hampshire, “Food for Thought: Water Quality and Fish Ecology in the Merrimack River Since 1980”
Tony Penders, University of Maine, Orono, “Ebb and Flow: The Tide of Trees Upon the Open Plains of Western Canada”

Comment: Steven Bedford, Hancock Shaker Village

10:30 Session 9: Education and Activism in Early Twentieth Century America
Room: CC236

Chair: Brooke Orr, Westfield State College

Jennifer Cote, Saint Joseph College, West Hartford, CT, “‘Giving Blossom to a Highly Skilled Profession’: The Creation of Social Work Standards in Early Twentieth Century Boston”
Colleen Mahoney, Simmons College, “‘She is a Catholic and Believes in Woman Suffrage’: Conflicts of Identity in the Margaret Bent Suffrage Guild of Boston”
Kelly Marino, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “Making a Scene for Suffrage: Emily Pierson and the Tactics of the Connecticut Woman Suffrage Association, 1910-1917”

Comment: Brooke Orr, Westfield State College

10:30 Session 10: Cold War Politics in the United States and Mexico
Room: CC111

Chair: Avi Chomsky, Salem State College

Andrew Liptak, Norwich University, “Military Roots of Manned Space Flight and the Cold War”
Julia Sloan, Cazanovia College, “Placating the Left by Villifying the United States: Mexico’s Domestic Foreign Policy, 1959-1979”
Marta Crilly, Simmons College, “Returning to Republican Motherhood: The DAR’s Postwar Strategy Against Communism”

Comment: Avi Chomsky, Salem State College

10:30 Session 11: More Than Just Spectacle: Horrors, Fights and Death in France, Britain and America
Room: CC112

Chair: Arianne Chernock, Boston University

Jason Cavallari, Boston College, “Performing Deviance: Consumer Spectacle, Deviance, and the Theatre du Grand Guignol in France, 1880-1914”
Adam Chill, Castleton State College, “‘Heroic Females’: Women Boxers in Georgian Britain”
Robert E. Cray, Jr., Montclair State University, “Sabastien Rale, Josiah Winslow, and John Lovewell: Death and Memory in Dummer’s War, 1772-1825”

Comment: Arianne Chernock, Boston University

10:30 Session 12: Worlds of Business

Room: CC113

Chair: Jessica Lepler, University of New Hampshire

Ben Feldman, Independent Scholar, “A Rite of Return: Serendipity and Historiography in the Recreation of the Life of Henry Knight Dyer (1846-1912), President of the Dennison Manufacturing Company”
Laurie Selleck, Cazenovia College, “‘The Far East is Soapless’: Cultural Relativism, American Exceptionalism, and the Ford Motor Company’s 1957 Around the World Campaign Tour”
Robert E. Weir, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, “Marketing Tragedy: Salem Witches and Tourist Dollars”

Comment: Jessica Lepler, University of New Hampshire

10:30 Print Culture and Political Culture in Colonial and Post Revolutionary America
Room: CC114

Chair: Dane Morrison, Salem State College

Sean Delaney, Northeastern University, “The Transatlantic Dimension of Mid-Seventeenth-Century Print Culture”
Charles Heaton, Texas A&M University, “The Final Cut: Scalp Bounties, Culture, and the Evolving View of the Indian Other in Colonial New England”
Kara E. Pierce, University of New Hampshire, “To ‘Tend to the Good of the Community’: The Problem of Eminent Domain in the Post Revolutionary Era”

Comment: James Leamon, Bates College

10:30 Session 14: New Perspectives on Wars, Governments and State Making
Room: CC237

Chair: James Bidwell, Anna Maria College

Martin Menke, Rivier College, “The German Revolution of 1918 Revisited”
Joshua A. Sooter, Northeastern University, “The Duplicitous Filipino: American Representations of Filipinos during the Filipino-American War”
Robert Niebuhr, Simmons College, “Balkan Partners: Yugoslav-Albanian Relations in the Early Cold War”

Comment: James Bidwell, Anna Maria College

10:30 Session 15: Margaret Fuller and Her “Friends”: Women in the American Renaissance
Room: CC244

Chair: Bonnie Anderson, Brooklyn College

Laurie Crumpacker, Simmons College, “Teaching About Margaret Fuller and the American Renaissance in the 21st Century Classroom”
Paula Doress Worters, Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center, “Mistress of Herself: Speeches and Letters of Ernestine L. Rose, Early Women’s Rights Leader”
Rosie Rosenzweig, Brandeis Women’s Studies Research Center, “The Relevance of Lydia Maria Child to 21st Century Feminism”
Kristin Waters, Worcester State College, “Swimming Against the Tide: Crossing the Curriculum in Women’s Studies”

Comment: The Audience

LUNCHEON, 12:00 – 1:30 and Business Meeting
Presidential Address by Laura Prieto, Simmons College: “‘Not Even Past’: Place, Memory and History”

PLENARY SESSION, 1:30 – 3:00: Telling Difficult History in Public Places
This plenary session will begin with short presentations by public historians and then open up to a discussion between the moderator, panelists, and audience.

Chair: Ranger Chuck Arning, National Park Service, John H. Chafee Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor

Katrina Browne, Producer/Director, “Traces of the Trade: A Story from the Deep South”
Rae Gould, Department of Anthropology, Connecticut College/Nipmuc Nation
Louis P. Hutchins, Senior Curator/Historian, National Park Service, Witness Tree Project: A Collaboration between the Rhode Island School of Design and the National Park Service

RECEPTION, 3:00 – 4:00
4:00 Adjournment