2012 Fall

The NEHA Fall 2012 Conference was held at Merrimack College in North Andover, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

Conference Program – Download full PDF of the program here
(last updated Oct 11, 2012)

Fall 2012 NEHA Conference: Program
As of 10-11-2012


MORNING SESSION I: 8:30 – 10:00 AM

Session 1: Frontiers and Provinces
O’Reilly 201
Chair/Commentator: Erik Jensen, Salem State University

“’You plead for the Cherokees, will you not raise your voice for the red men of Marshpee?’ Arguing Mashpee Wampanoag Rights to Self-Government, 1833-1834”
Nicole Breault, University of Massachusetts Boston
“The Roman Military Personnel’s Interaction with Local Inhabitants in the Roman Provinces of Hispania:
A Case Study”
Leslie J. Garbarczuk, Harvard University
“Shays’s Rebellion”
Thomas Goldscheider, Independent Scholar

Session 2: Law and Morality in Early America
O’Reilly 202
Chair/commentator: Donald Friary, Colonial Society of Massachusetts

“The Revolutionary War Pension Act of 1818”
Ann M. Becker, State University of New York, Empire State College
“James Kent’s Commentaries on American Law: The Life of a Legal Treatise”
Robert Karachuk, University of Connecticut
“’Neuer was a dogg soe beaten:’ Animal Cruelty in Seventeenth-Century America”
Matthew A. Zimmerman, Macon State College

Session 3: Religious Controversies
O’Reilly 214
Chair/commentator: Jessica M. Parr, University of New Hampshire-Manchester

“Boston’s Evangelical Enigma: Father Taylor at the Crossroads of Culture”
John Frederick Bell, Harvard University
“War for the Soul of America: British Protestant Ministers in the French and Indian War, 1754-1763”
Jonathan Bratten, Independent Scholar
“Tree Stump or ‘Treason?’ Unitarians Debate the Role of the Pulpit in the Age of Reform”
John Macaulay, Erskine College

Session 4: New England and the African Atlantic World
O’Reilly 214A
Chair/commentator: Robert Hall, Northeastern University

“Constituting Value in A Narrative of the Life and Adventures of Venture, a Native of Africa”
Bryan Sinche, University of Hartford
“The Ivory Cane: Occramar Marycoo and the Problem of African Identity”
Edward E. Andrews, Providence College
“’Musta’: Paul Cuffe’s Journey from Indian to African, 1778-1811”
Jeffrey A. Fortin, Emmanuel College

Session 5: Media Matters
O’Reilly 301
Chair/commentator: Susan Vorderer, Merrimack College

“Imagined Fathers and Normative Patriarchy: Representing German Fathers in Adenauer Era Cigarette Ads”
Kraig Larkin, Colby-Sawyer College
“Radio Shows as Visual Artifacts: The Construction of American and Foreign Identities on the Airwaves, 1930-1950”
Bonnie M. Miller, University of Massachusetts Boston
“The Structural Importance of Social Networks in 19th Century American Intellectual History”
Justin Rowe, Michigan State University

Session 6: The War of 1812 in World History
O’Reilly 306
(sponsored by the New England Regional World History Association)
Chair/commentator: Dane A. Morrison, Salem State University

“Global Aspects of Naval Operations in the War of 1812”
Patrick R. Jennings, Independent Scholar
“The War from the British Perspective”
Kevin D. McCranie, Naval War College, Newport, RI
“The War of 1812: Local Senses of a Global Conflict”
Emily Murphy, Salem Maritime National Historic Site



Session 7: The Power of Place: Reflections on Fenway Park’s Centennial
O’Reilly 201
Chair: Bruce Cohen, Worcester State University

“Clemente, Conigliaro, and Campbell: Heroes and Hero Worship in Modern Baseball”
Anthony T. Guerriero, Salem State University
“Saving Fenway Park: The Preservation of America’s Oldest Major League Stadium”
Charles Hagenah, Charles Hagenah Architects, Inc. and Roger Williams U.
Commentator: Mark Herlihy, Endicott College

Session 8: Chronicling Women in Early America
O’Reilly 202
Chair/commentator: Elizabeth DeWolfe, University of New England

“’Oh, look at the lady blacksmith!’ Recovering, Documenting, and Narrating the Historical Narrative of American Women Blacksmiths”
Betsy DeBrakeleer, Willowbrook Museum
“’About the Age of 21 and Influenced by Spirituous Liquor’: Constructions of Rape in 19th-Century Maine”
Mazie Hough, University of Maine
“Separate Roads to Freedom: The Careers of Maria Stewart, Mary Ann Shadd Cary, and Sojourner Truth”
Brittney Yancy, University of Connecticut

Session 9: Gender and the Cold War State
O’Reilly 214
Chair/commentator: Jennifer Mandel, Hesser College

“In the Same Way as Men: The Meanings of Gender Integration in the British Army in the 1950s”
Julie Fountain, University of Illinois at Chicago
“A Feminist Foreign Policy? Feminists Challenge the State”
Karen Garner, State University of New York Empire State College
“The Moiseyev Dance Company and American Views of Gender in the Cold War Cultural Exchange Period”
Victoria Hallinan, Northeastern University

Session 10: Books and Cultures
O’Reilly 214A
Chair/commentator: Andrew Liptak, Norwich University

“History, Historians and the Lost World of Bestsellers”
Donald G. Baker, Long Island University
“Patriotism In Poetry And Prose: The Gunpowder Plot In American Literature, Ca. 1812-65”
Kevin Q. Doyle Brandeis University
“‘The Striations of Madness: an Analysis of Philippe Pinel’s Treatise on Insanity and its Role in the Shaping of the Modern Discourses of Psychiatry and Medicine”
Marcel R. Garboś, Bard College at Simon’s Rock

Session 11: Memories and Myths
O’Reilly 301
Chair: Mary Kelly, Franklin Pierce College
Commentator: Candace Kanes, Maine Memory Network and Maine Historical Society

“Snow and Memory: Popular History and The New England Blizzard of 1978”
Brian Peterson, Shasta College
“African American Museums and Memory”
Bethany Jay, Salem State University
“Sagamore John and the Creation of the Devil: How Politics and Diplomacy Manufactured the Myth of the Pequot Savage”
Matthew D. Preedom, University of Vermont

Session 12: Commemorating America’s Earliest Overseas Missionaries, 1812-1850
O’Reilly 306
Chair/commentator: Clifford Putney, Bentley University

“’No pleasing anticipation exists in their mind of a happy reunion with their departed friends’: The Transformation of Hawaiian Burial Customs and Mourning Rituals in the Early 19th Century”
Jennifer Fish Kashay, Colorado State University
“Communalism vs. Pay: The Salary Dispute among Early Missionaries to Hawai‘i”
Paul T. Burlin, University of New England
“Evangelizing India: The Work of America’s First Overseas Missionaries”
Alice C. Hunsberger, Hunter College

12:00 – 1:30 p.m. LUNCH & BUSINESS MEETING
Presentation of the NEHA Book Award


Session 13: The Cold War

O’Reilly 201
Chair/commentator: Michael Holm, Boston University

“A Crowd of Helpers”: Anglo-American Relations and the Sino-Indian Border War, 1962-1963”
Andrew David, Boston University
“The North China Marine Mission”
Zachary S. Fredman, Boston University
“The Rise and Fall of NATO’s ‘Third Dimension’: Atlantic Unity, the Environment, and the Committee on the
Challenges of Modern Society, 1969-1973”
David Olson, Boston University

Session 14: Art & Culture

O’Reilly 202
Chair/commentator: Dane A. Morrison, Salem State University

“Women Illustrators’ Response to Linda Nochlin’s ‘Why Have There Been No Great Women Artists?’”
Anna Dempsey, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
“Imperial Americans: The Presence of the Antique in Benjamin West’s Portrait of Colonel Guy Johnson and Karonghyontye”
Debra A. Lavelle, Ohio State University
“Helpful Hells: Uses of Early-Medieval Visions of the Underworld”
Sally Shockro, Merrimack College
“Security in Jewels: Jewelry as Cultural Capital in Late Medieval England”
Cassandra Auble, West Virginia University

Session 15: Commemorating the Bread and Roses Strike, 1912

O’Reilly 214
Chair/commentator: Robert Forrant, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

“Speaking Truth to Power: Legacies of an American Strike”
Ardis Cameron, University of Southern Maine
“The Committee of Ten: The Local Heroes Who Faced Lawrence’s Mill Men and Won in 1912”
Clarisse A. Poirier, Merrimack College
“How We Remember: A Community and Its Labor History”
Robert Forrant, University of Massachusetts-Lowell

Session 16: A Circle of Hands: Cross-Cultural Trade in America Before the European Invasion
O’Reilly 214A
Chair/commentator: James E. Wadsworth, Stonehill College

“A Circle of Hands: Setting the Context for a Hemisphere-Wide Study”
James E. Wadsworth, Stonehill College
“Chipping Away: Interregional Obsidian Exchange in Pre-contact North America”
*Joe Gale, Stonehill College
“The Magnetic Properties of Wampum: Shell Beads in North American Interregional Trade Systems”
*Daniel Gardner, Stonehill College

Session 17: Narratives of War
O’Reilly 306
Chair/commentator: John Zaborney, University of Maine at Presque Isle

“The Universal Soldier: Comparison of the American Soldiers’ Combat Experiences in WWII and Vietnam”
Megan Charles, Independent Scholar
“Complicated Memories: African American Vietnam Veteran Narratives”
John Wood, Independent Scholar
“’Someone had blundered’: To the Lighthouse as World War I Memoir”
Matthew Skwiat, Independent Scholar

Session 18: Political Cultures
O’Reilly 306
Chair: Peter Holloran, Worcester State University
Commentator: Robert Smith, Worcester State University

“’Plunged into a state of distress and ruin’: The Exile of Sir James Wright, Georgia’s Final Colonial Governor”
Robert G. Brooking, Georgia State University
“’Like Carthage after Hannibal’: The Korean Armistice and the New American Right”
Dane J. Cash, Emmanuel College

CLOSING 3:00 pm