2018 Fall

The NEHA Fall 2018 Conference will be held at the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut on Saturday, October 27, 2018

Conference Information, Accommodations, and Schedule

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Preliminary Conference Program (as of 9/24/18)

Program Chair: NEHA Vice President Libby Bischof

All sessions held in Lawrence D. McHugh Hall, adjacent to the Student Union


First Morning Sessions, 8:30-10:00

Session 1: Reinterpreting Connecticut History (Room 106)
Chair/Comment: Robert J. Imholt, Albertus Magnus College

“Connecticut’s 1818 Constitution and the Disestablishment of Religion: A Reinterpretation”
Robert J. Imholt, Albertus Magnus College
“Digital History and the Historian: Connecticut Revolutionary War Deserters”
Dana J. Meyer, Eastern Connecticut State University*
“A Farmington, Connecticut, Wool Manufactory’s Industrial Transition: A Comparative Study in Late Eighteenth-Century Connecticut”
Janet M. Conner, Avon CT Historical Society
“’Every Female That Can Throw a Shuttle’: Outwork Cotton Weavers in Eastern Connecticut, 1810-1820”
Mary Sherman Lycan, University of Connecticut

Session 2: New Approaches to World War I (Room 107)
Chair/Comment: TBA

“Passive-Aggressive French: Re-thinking the Role of France in the July Crisis of 1914”
Troy Paddock, Southern Connecticut State University
“Unwept, Unheralded, Unsung: The 807th Pioneer Infantry”
Horace Michael Schultz, Jr., Eastern Kentucky University
“Reporting the Raj at War: Eleanor Egan in India and the Middle East”
Sharmishtha Roy Chowdhury, University of Connecticut

Session 3: Presidential Encounters (Room 108)
Chair/Comment: Peter Baldwin, University of Connecticut

“The Bachelor President and His First Lady”
Thomas Balcerski, Eastern Connecticut State University
“’What a Conflagration It Did Cause’: Power and Gender in the Jacksonian Eaton Affair”
Kim Leach, Missouri Western State University*
“Parker and Sipple: Civil Rights, Celebrity, and Presidential Assassination”
Nicholas Hardisty, Rhode Island College

Session 4: The Digital Humanities, Historical Research and Pedagogy (Room 109)
Chair/Comment: Nicole Breault, University of Connecticut

“Fort Devens: Civil Rights Unrest and African-American Identity in a Northern Military Camp During WWI and WWII: An MA Thesis Website”
Janine Hubai, University of Massachusetts Boston
“Bringing Blogging into the Classroom–Colonial America, 1492-1763”
Amy Sopcak-Joseph, University of Connecticut
“Applications of Photogrammetry for Historians”
Daniel Everton, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth*

Session 5: Education in New England (Room 110)
Chair/Comment: Kathryn Viens, Boston University

“Resisting Regimentation: The Yale College Student Experience, 1750-1783”
David Wilock, St. John’s University
“Broken Fragments of Humanity: Views of Intellectual Disability in the Field Notes of Samuel Gridley Howe”
Naomi A. Schoenfeld, Rivier University
“The Worcester Boys Club: Then and Now”
Brian F. Leonard, Worcester State University

Break for Book Exhibit & Refreshments: 10:00 – 10:30

Second Morning Sessions, 10:30-12:00

Session 6: Roundtable Discussion: “A Homecoming of Sorts: One UConn Cohort Discusses Graduate School, the Marketplace, and Employment” (Room 106)
Moderator: Christopher Clark, University of Connecticut

Dominic DeBrincat, Missouri Western State University
John Kincheloe, Northern Virginia Community College
Michael Neagle, Nichols College
Tom Westerman, Porter-Gaud School
Sherry Zane, University of Connecticut

Session 7: The Circulation of Information and Identity in 19th Century New England (Room 107)
Chair/Comment: Tona Hangen, Worcester State University

“Science and the Useful Arts in 1820s Massachusetts: Information Access and the Spread of Rural Capitalism”
Katheryn P. Viens, Boston University
“Resurrecting the Dead: Two New Englanders’ Early American Passports and What They Reveal”
Alison T. Mann, Public Historian, U.S. Diplomacy Center, U.S. Department of State

Session 8: Struggles for Freedom and Civil Rights (Room 108)
Chair/Comment: TBA

“Degrees of Free: The Life of James Wormley in Antebellum Washington”
Catherine L. Thompson, College of the Holy Cross
“Animating Change: African-American Historical Pageantry in the Progressive Era”
Darren Barry, Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School
“Forty Days and Forty Nights: Mass Meetings, the Birmingham Gospel Choir, Carlton Reese, and the Birmingham Movement, 1963”
Cheryl C. Boots, Boston University

Session 9: Women and Politics in the Northeast (Room 109)
Chair: Lauren Stauffer, University of Connecticut

“The Massachusetts Association Opposed to the Further Extension of the Suffrage to Women (MAOFESW) and the 1915 Massachusetts Referendum for Women’s Suffrage”
Lynne Ball Benson, University of Massachusetts Boston
“Mary and the Machine: Social Justice and Class Politics in Post-World War I Jersey City”
Robert Chiles, University of Maryland
“The Price of Doing Business: Women and the Political Power Structure in New York, 1933-1968”
Lauren Kozakiewicz, SUNY Albany

Session 10: Fiction, Film and Sport in the 20th Century (Room 110)
Chair: Sharmishtha Roy Chowdhury, University of Connecticut

“Northern California’s First Historical Imagineer: Ben Sharpsteen, 1895-1980”
Brian Peterson, Shasta College
“Blurred Lines: Atomic Scientists and the Use of Fear in Nonfiction and Fiction Writing”
Marisa Calise, Rhode Island College
“Political Games: the Gerald R. Ford Administration and the Olympics”
Erin Redihan, Bridgewater State University

Lunch and Business Meeting: 12:15 – 1:35 pm

Afternoon Sessions, 1:45 – 3:15 pm

Session 11: Roundtable Discussion: “‘If I Fail, He Dies’– Worcester and the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918” (Room 105)
Moderator: Shawn Driscoll, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Ahenebah Lane, Worcester State University
Mike Baker, Becker College
Tess O’Leary, Worcester Academy
Zach Washburn, Independent Scholar

Session 12: Episodes in 18th Century North American History (Room 106)
Chair/Comment: Dominic DeBrincat, Missouri Western State University

“Blackbeard’s Vengeance: Boston and the Origins of Retaliatory Violence during the Golden Age of Piracy”
Steven J. Pitt, St. Bonaventure University
“The Nova Scotia Election of 1758: The First Elected Assembly”
Kenneth Paulsen, Bunker Hill Community College
“Two Casars: Suing for Freedom in Essex County, Massachusetts”
Jeanne Pickering, Salem State University
“Smallpox in Washinton’s Army: Inoculation as a Military Medical Procedure”
Ann M. Becker, SUNY–Empire State College

Session 13: Politics, Strategy, and Foreign Policy (Room 107)
Chair/Comment: Troy Paddock, Southern Connecticut State University

“European Visions, American Geography: U.S. Financial Consolidation and the Morgan Defense at the Pujo Hearings, 1912-1913”
Olga Koulisis, University of Connecticut
“New England Congressmen and American Foreign Policy, 1941-1949”
Philip A. Grant, Jr., Pace University
“The Allied Bombing of Rome, 1943-1945: Strategic Debate and Process of Recovery”
Teresa Fava Thomas, Fitchburg State University

Session 14: Constitutional History and Constitutional Law (Room 108)
Chair/Comment: Erik Jensen, Salem State University

“Big Earls Don’t Cry: The Constitutional History of England, the Norman Period”
Richard Allen Gerber, Southern Connecticut State University (Emeritus)
“Popular Image versus Constitutional Law: the 1939 Hague Decision and Popular Memory of Civil Liberties Development”
Donald Rogers, Central Connecticut State University

Session 15: Panel Discussion: “Putting Theory into Practice: Exploring History, Memory and Multimodal Composition in an Undergraduate Honors Seminar” (Room 109)
Moderator: Kelsey McNiff, Endicott College

Olivia Burrick, Elementary Education major, Endicott College*
MacKenzie Judd, Applied Mathematics major, Endicott College*
Eddy Kreimerman, Hospitality Management major, Endicott College*
Isabella Sears, Elementary Education major, Endicott College*
Julia Warren, History and Secondary Education major, Endicott College*

* denotes undergraduate presenter