2017 Fall

The NEHA Fall 2017 Conference was held at Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic, Connecticut on Saturday, October 28, 2017

Conference Information, Registration and Accommodations


Conference Program (as of 10/28/17)

Program Chair: NEHA Vice President Erik Jensen

All sessions in the Student Center (SC)


First Morning Sessions, 8:30-10:00

Session 1: Law and Community in New England and Beyond (SC 223)
Chair/Comment: Robert J. Imholt, Albertus Magnus College

“The Qualities for Common Sense: County Court Judges in Colonial Connecticut”
Dominic DeBrincat, Missouri Western State University
“’The Moral Treatment’: On the Institutionalization of People with Disabilities in the Anglophone Atlantic, 1660-1860”
Miles Wilkerson, Windham Textile and History Museum
“The Choctaw and petit marronage during the Removal Crisis”
Christian Gonzalez, University of Rhode Island

Session 2: Exceptions to feme covert: Colonial Women as Heirs and Property Owners (SC 217)
Chair/Comment: Nicole Breault, University of Connecticut (graduate student)

“Perceived Equality: Women, Ethnicity and Inheritance in Late 18th-Century Lunenburg County, Nova Scotia”
Kenneth S. Paulsen, Bunker Hill Community College
“Margaret Brent: Feme Covert Outlier — Executor to Lord Calvert of Maryland”
Lynn Byall Benson, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Session 3: Liberty for Whom? Perspectives on Slavery and the American Civil War (SC 115)
Chair/Comment: Barbara Tucker, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Children of the Revolution: Lydia Maria Child and the Pedagogy of Revolt”
Lila Teeters, University of New Hampshire (graduate student)
“A Class For Themselves: The Civil War as Agrarian Revolution”
Christopher Clark, University of Connecticut
“Liberty’s War: Victim to the Act of Forgetting and Why Americans Still Ask, ‘What caused the Civil War’?”
Dennis Baez, independent scholar

Session 4: Remembering Wars and Warriors (SC 113)
Chair/Comment: Jamel Ostwald, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Warriors in History: Achilles and Jake LaMotta Compared”
Joe Delaney, Johnson and Wales University
“Ghosts of the Revolution, the First World War, and the Wartime Alliance”
Sarah Goldberger, Community College of Rhode Island
“What Do We Tell the Children? World War II French Occupation, Resistance, and Liberation Taught in 1950s France”
Susann Longva Vaeth, Simmons College

Session 5: Conflict and Diplomacy in the Twentieth Century (SC 219)
Chair/Comment: Stefan Papaioannou, Framingham State University

“Russia’s Role in the Origins of World War I”
Troy Paddock, Southern Connecticut State University
“Popes and Presidents: Sacred and Secular Diplomacy during the early Cold War”
Thomas J. Carty, Springfield College
“The 1982 Falklands War and NATO’s Increased Concern Over ‘Out-of-Area’ Conflicts”
Lauren Stauffer, University of Connecticut

Session 6: The Influence of the West on the World, for Good and Ill (SC 221)
Chair/Comment: Joan Meznar, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Great Britain’s Role in Apartheid: How the Advent of the Great War Resulted in Apartheid”
Christopher H. Beckvold, Winthrop Public Schools
“A SITE to Behold: The U.S.-India Experiment with Satellite Instructional Television”
Marc Reyes, University of Connecticut (graduate student)
“A Professor’s Experience in Indonesia: Examining the Partnership Between University of Kentucky and Bogor Agricultural College, 1957-1966”
Adam Murphy, Eastern Connecticut State University (undergraduate student)

Break for Book Exhibit and Refreshments: 10:00 – 10:30

Second Morning Sessions, 10:30 – 12:00

Session 7: Claiming a Space of Their Own: Community and Self-Determination from the Middle Ages to Modern America (SC 219)
Chair/Comment: Erika Cornelius Smith, Nichols College

“Standing ‘In the Unsullied Purity of Paradise’: Virginity in Hildegard of Bingen’s Theology and her Spiritual Regimen at Mount St. Rupert”
Alexandra Borkowski, University of Connecticut (graduate student)
“From Mass Rock to Benefice: Catholic Missionaries in Rural New England, 1825-1875”
John White, University of Dayton
“Archives and Public Discourses: Immigration Narratives from Connecticut’s West Indian Diaspora, 1940-2010”
Fiona Vernal, University of Connecticut

Session 8: Women in American Politics from the Nineteenth to the Twentieth Century (SC 223)
Chair/Comment: Eric Cimino, Molloy College

“’Infatuated Females’ and the Not-So-Underground World of Polygamy: 1880-1890”
Morgan E. Kolakowski, Simmons College (graduate student)
“The Cradle of Modern Liberalism: Mary T. Norton’s Jersey City”
Robert Chiles, University of Maryland
“The Fruits of their Suffrage: New York Women in Office 1919-1930”
Lauren Kozakiewicz, SUNY Albany

Session 9: Creating the American Experience (SC 221)
Chair/Comment: Madhavi Venkatesan, Bridgewater State University

“Defining American Womanhood: Godey’s Lady’s Book in an Age of Panic and Reform”
Amy Sopcak-Joseph, University of Connecticut (graduate student)
“Journey to Freedom: A USCT Case Study, 1835-1900”
Kimeberly Windham, independent scholar
“A Kitchen Chronotope: Seeing Ethnic Identity through a Cookbook”
John Sisinni, Emanuel College (undergraduate student)

Session 10: Oppression and Reaction in America and Guatemala (SC 217)
Chair/Comment: Michael E. Neagle, Nichols College

“Sites of Resistance: Spatial Control, Community Gatherings, and Negro Election Day in Eighteenth Century New England”
Stephanie Krauss, Simmons College (graduate student)
“Theodore Roosevelt and the San Francisco Segregation Controversy”
Richard Allen Gerber, Southern Connecticut State University
“Breaking the Silence: The Story of the Ixil Maya of Union Victoria during the Guatemalan Civil War”
Megan Marucci, Sacred Heart University (graduate student)
“Freedom Songs and Nazi Chants: Eye-Witness Accounts and the Continuing Struggle About Race in America from Danville (1963) to Charlottesville (2017)”
Cheryl C. Boots, Boston University

Session 11: Teaching Social Studies (Roundtable) (SC 107)
Chair: Troy Paddock, Southern Connecticut State University

Frank Tupka, Milford Public Schools
Catherine Nuzzo, Wallingford Public Schools
Patrick R. Cumpstone, Amily Regional High School
Gene Stec, Trumbull Public Schools
Jim Loughead, Mansfield Public Schools

Session 12: More Than a Name on the Wall: The Men and Women of the Worcester Memorial Auditorium (SC 115)
Chair: Zachary Washburn, Worcester State University
Comment: Linda Hixon, Worcester State University

“Letting the Story Unfold”
Ahenebah Nez Lane, Worcester State University (graduate student)
“Earl Lovejoy: A Soldier’s Life Before War”
William Whearty, Worcester State University (undergraduate student)
“Not Just Soldiers” The Story of a Dentist and a Chauffeur in World War I”
Theodore Racicot, Worcester State University (graduate student)
“An Experience of a Lifetime: Researching WWI Heroes”
Timothy Jarvis, Worcester State University (undergraduate student)

Session 13: American Girls: Reflection on History as Play and Profession (Presentation) (SC Theatre)

Alison Horrocks, National Parks Service
Mary Mahoney, University of Connecticut (graduate student)

12:15 – 1:35 LUNCH AND BUSINESS MEETING — SC Betty Tipton Room

Afternoon Sessions, 1:45 – 3:15

Session 14: America and the Politics of Union (SC 217)
Chair/Comment: Melanie Newport, University of Connecticut

“’A General Union of the Continent’: John Adams, Machiavelli, and the American Revolutionary Imperative”
Jonathan A. Hanna, Claremont Graduate University (graduate student)
“Swiss Myths: The Swiss Model and the Debate over the Constitution”
Robert W. Smith, Worcester State University
“The Presidential Election of 1936 in New England”
Philip A. Grant, Jr., Pace University

Session 15: Perceptions of War and Terror from Habsburg Austria to the United States in the Twentieth Century (SC 223)
Chair/Comment: Dominic DeBrincat, Missouri Western State University

“The Reluctant Warrior: War and Memory in Habsburg Austria”
Scott Moore, Eastern Connecticut State University
“The Bandit as Terrorist: American Perceptions of Pancho Villa”
Michael E. Neagle, Nichols College
“’Grants for Guerillas’: Americans and International Terrorism in the 1970s and 1980s”
Caitlin Carenen, Eastern Connecticut State University

Session 16: Far from Home: Adventure, Labor and Tragedy on the Seas and Across the Ice (SC 115)
Chair/Comment: Thomas Balcerski, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Ship’s Boys: Child Labor on the High Seas, 1800-1860”
Barbara Tucker, Eastern Connecticut State University
“The Rescue of Titanic Survivors, April 15-18, 1912”
Eric Cimino, Molloy College

Session 17: Violence, Resistance, and Progress in Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe (SC 223)
Chair/Comment: Alexis Peri, Boston University

“The Balkans as European Bellwether: Bureaucratization of Violence Against Non-Combatants as a Rupture Within the First World War”
Stefan Papaioannou, Framingham State University
“The YMCA, Internationalist Progressives, and American Foreign Relations: The Case of Czechoslovakia”
Erika Cornelius Smith, Nichols College
“Vladko Mac̆ek, Nonviolence, and the Militarization of the Croation Peasant Party”
Nicholas Hardisty, independent scholar

Session 18: Development and Redevelopment in New England (SC 219)
Chair/Comment: Joe Delaney, Johnson and Wales University

“Exploring Sustainable Development: An Assessment of the Economic History of Southeastern Massachusetts, 1860-1979”
Madhavi Venkatesan, Bridgewater State University
“Don’t Tear Me Down: Urban Renewal in a New England Mill Town”
Anna Kirchmann, Eastern Connecticut State University
“Engineering the Exodus: People, Environment, and the Building of Boston’s Quabbin Reservoir, 1927-1939”
Jeffrey Egan, University of Connecticut (graduate student)

Session 19: Teaching With the Archives: How (and Why) to Engage Undergraduates in Archival Research (Roundtable) (SC 107)
Chair/Discussant: Laura R. Prieto, Simmons College

Marta Crilly, City of Boston
Pamela Hopkins, Tufts University
Caitlin Birch, Dartmouth College
Anna J. Clutterbuck-Cook, Massachusetts Historical Society

Session 20: The State of the Historical Survey (SC 113)
Chair: Matthew Dunne, Houstanic Community College

Todd Bryda, Northwestern Connecticut Community College
Sarah Cieglo, Manchester Community College
Bradley C. Davis, Eastern Connecticut State University